The Post-COVID School

Will be a cluster of BREAKOUT CLASSROOMS that will be safe for children, close to homes, smaller, less-crowded, driven by technology and operated by a new crop of Entrepreneur-Teachers!

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The worst-hit sector by the COVID-19 pandedmic is EDUCATION!
Across the world, schools have been closed down completely for several months, leaving schoolteachers confused about the future, digging a damaging hole in schools' overall agendas and eroding Africa of a hard-earned improvement in provision of quality education for all!
Yet, It is quite understandable why reopening of schools will be the last phase of easing lockdowns across the continent. Children are vulnerable and with them, observing social distancing and adhering to precautionary rules will be nearly nmpossible to enforce.
THIS HAS BEEN THE PROBLEM and it might linger for a little longer! Even in the post-COVID era, governments and parents will be on a protracted caution mood.

This is why we have to revert back to smaller, safer, closer-to-home classrooms that will even be more effective!

The BreakOut Classrooms Initiative.

So, what if you (as a qualified and seasoned teacher) can set up a classroom within your neighbourhood that looks pretty much like the pictures below - inxpensive yet beautiful, simple yet conducive - and you are equipped with technology that will connect your classroom to one big international school in Abuja or Nairobi or Johannesbourg or Cairo, enabling you to offer children within that vicinity the same quality education they would get by attending any of those bigger expensive schools?

How will it work?

The BreakOut Classroom Initiative is a well-thought-out disruption we have been working on for a while. Behind the whole scheme is The iSchool CLOUD AI-D VS-SM-LM System which has been in the works for well over a decade!

Interested Schools

Will deploy The iSchool CLOUD AI-D VS-SM-LM System which will make it possible to digitize their resouces, computerize and put in the cloud, every single aspect of their day-to-day administrative procedures and academic processes.

Interested Teachers

Will set up simple but standard classrooms in suitable locations of choice, partner up with a school and link up with such school through The iSchool CLOUD AI-D VS-SM-LM System to enroll and teach children in on behalf of the partner school!

Interested Communities

Will be able to set up micro-schools within their neighbourhoods, hire teachers to run the BreakOut Classrooms, register with standard schools of choice and connect their classrooms everyday through The iSchool CLOUD AI-D VS-SM-LM System!

KG - Primary School Pupils

Will be able to attend schools that are closer to their homes! No more long rides to and from school everyday. They won't have to wake up at odd hours anymore to prepare for school. They will stay safe within the neighbourhood in less-crowded classrooms!

Stay-At-Home Parents

Will be able to home-school their children more effectively by enrolling them in any standard schools of choice and connecting to such schools everyday through The iSchool CLOUD AI-D VS-SM-LM System to recieve teaching resources and submit neccessary evaluation feedback.

Governmemt Supervosrs

Will no longer have to make tedious, sparing trips to schools for before they carry out oversight functions. Through The iSchool CLOUD AI-D VS-SM-LM System, authorized officers from their own offices will be able to monitor schools and all their BreakOut Classes!

A Step Further...

Beyond the assurance of getting quality curriculum-based education, BreakOut Classrooms will run some extra schedules that will give the children an edge even above their mates in bigger schools!
In every BreakOut Classroom, children will be introduced to science, technology, engineering, ICT, arts, business, finance, entrepreneurship, and other practical vocations that will rapidly give them a footing in our new digital world.
BreakOut Classrooms will operate with The iSchool CLOUD Electronic DESKS! The children will have all their textbooks - thousands of multimedia, interactive electronic books - in their electronic desks which will connect them and synchronize all their schooling activities with the moderating schools!

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