The iSchool CLOUD
Desk S-Minus

Everything your children will ever need
for full-fledged virtual schooling,
personal studies, SAFE online engagements and so much more



Introducing The ***All New iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ For Homes!


The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ (Desk S-Minus) is an ELECTRONIC DESK that WORKS WITH YOUR EXISTING TV OR MONITOR to bring a whole new range of smart virtual schooling and intuitive learning possibilities to your children at home!


DexS-™ makes it possible for your children to attend any of hundreds of virtual classes available on The iSchool® CLOUD VS Platform, or access thousands of interactive books with unlimited multimedia contents or engage seamlessly with the rest of their classmates from across the continent for extra-curricular activities, collaborative studying and so much more.


With The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ in your home, it becomes quite unnecessary to bring private tutors into your home as you can now hire as many teachers as you wish from different parts of the world to teach your children diverse subjects, topics and even special skillsets they don't teach them at school!


The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ comes preloaded with interactive, intuitive personal study resources and The MultiBOOK eLibrary of nearly 1,000,000 on-screen interactive books - in your home - with rich multimedia contents authored by real schoolteachers from across the world, based on all popular curricular!


Homeschooling will only make sense now with an iDesk in your home. We understand that you left school a very long time ago and you must have forgotten some things, so The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ has got your back. You will no longer be afraid of bungling your children's assignments!


The part that will endear it most to the children is the immersive experience features. Virtual Reality (VR) for scientific experiments, Augmented Reality (AR) for excursions and Mixed Reality (MR) for history, languages and arts lessons!

Some of The Features Available On The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-

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The Virtual School

The iSchool CLOUD Virtual School on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ is a whole new experience of schooling! It is a complete school on its own, but located in the cloud and can be attended by your children from home!


Presently, at The Virtual School, there are over 1,000 qualified, seasoned, experienced teachers from around the world that are hosting online classes and with The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ in your home, your children will be able to attend these classes too.


Also, there are over 30 other established schools across Africa that are running with The iSchool® CLOUD System and through The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™, your children can enroll in these schools to attend their classes - virtually and connect with their classmates in such schools for collaborative studies and other activies.


What this means is that when you put The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ in your home, your children will be able to enroll in (and attend classes at) many schools across the continent. Most of these schools are running proper virtual programs for which they issue results and certificates after completion. It also means you can now homeschool your children through The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™.

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Personal Study Center

Without any teacher's involvement, The Personal Study Center on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ allows your children to study privately at their own individual paces through a simple module-by-module process that fosters intuitive learning.


Personal study on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ is done mainly by watching compilations of specially selected/prepared video tutorials, animated lessons (that are just as interesting, engaging, entertaining as those cartoons they like to watch) and engaging in interactive learning activities (a form of virtual Montessori system)!


After each module, there's a "game of questions" that makes the children feel as if they are just playing, but in actuality, they are being evaluated and their scores will be used by AI to design their next individual study sessions, taking into consideration their individual areas of strength, weakness and most importantly, interests!


As a parent, you will be able to print out intelligent reports and actionable recommendations on your children's learning progresses! You will see clearly, how they are doing and what needs to be done to help them be the best they can be!

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The Games Arena!



Because we understand that extra-curricular activities are crucial, integral parts of learning and education in general, we have integrated The Games Arena into The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ with 6 new arena games that all create merging points between studying, learning and playing!


We are bringing back the debates! Your child can now enter into a debating challenge and have the whole world watch them (live, online) as they hold different ends of an argument and there is always a prize for the winner!


Also, there are Essay Competitions, Spelling Bee Contests and Quiz Bounty - a game your child can play to answer tough questions like they do on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! And The Scrabble Championship League! And MONOCITY!


With The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ in your home, every night can be a game night and while the children play, you too (parents and the rest of the world can watch online and) enjoy the real-life-like spectacle with LIVE! commentaries, cheering and maybe no booing!

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The MultiBOOK eLibrary

Every school year, you always have to spend between 10,000 Naira and 100,000 Naira on textbooks that are not more than 20! And if you have children who love to read beyond their school's normal book recommendations, you will be spending more! The MultiBOOK eLibrary on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ will help you cut down drastically money spent on books while at the same time, your children will now have access to more books and learn a lot more than they could have learnt from traditional textbooks. With The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ in your home, your children will have thousands of Multi-Media-BOOKs at their finger tips!


While an average textbook can only contain limited texts and few static images, a MultiBOOK on the other hand can contain unlimited dynamic texts, interactive functions and lots of pictures, animations, graphs, audio and video clips on the same subject/topic. Besides, are you aware of the fact that parts of the content of a normal "printed textbook" might even become outdated before the end of a school session? That will never happen to a MultiBOOK!


Contents of all MultiBOOKs in The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ are constantly being updated automatically from the Internet through AI-driven data aggregation so as to always feature latest, up-to-the-hour information about related subjects and topics! For example, if new fossils of prehistoric humans were discovered by scientists at any part of the world yesterday, as your pupil or child opens a MultiBOOK that is related to Human Evolution this morning at school or at home, details of those new discoveries will be in the MultiBOOK already!

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The Immersive Experience Lab

The most thrilling possibility on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ is how your children can have immersive experiences through the included VR BOX when combined with a phone!


The Desk is preloaded with hundreds of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Mixed Reality and 360• resources for simulated scientific laboratory experiments, excursions, history / civic education / languages / arts lessons that can be accessed through the VR Headset to have simulated close-to-real-life immersive experiences!


The Immersive Experience Lab on on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ will also provide your child with virtual platforms where they can learn and practice all major Science, Engineering, Arts and Maths activities. In recent times, as you are aware, STEAM education has become a must-have.


Beyond academics, being grounded in STEAM means your children will appreciate fine arts, acquire good literary tastes, grow some creative skills, learn how to solve basic real life problems and they will be on their way to becoming champions in the next (4th) industrial revolution as they must learnt how to build ROBOTS and IOTs (Internet of Things) from The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-


Specifically, The Immersive Experience Lab makes it possible for your children to Perform Virtual Reality EXPERIMENTS, Relive Mixed Reality HISTORIES, Go On Augmented Reality EXCOURSIONS, Do Extended Reality ACTIVITIES, Learn How To Do Stuff, Build Simple ROBOTS & IOTs, Discover The Basics Of ARTS & CRAFTS and Solve Problems With MATHEMATICS!

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The Interactive Exam Prep System

The Interactive Exam Prep System on The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ is specifically designed for children that are preparing for one form of external examination or the other (in Basic 6, JSS 3, SSS 3 and post-secondary) to study with pre-desgned automated virtual classes and live sessions as hosted by some of our 1,000+ teachers on all relevant subjects in readiness for their upcoming external exams.


More importantly, The Interactive Exam Prep System provides them a unique smart, interactive platform where they can attempt mock versions of the exams they are preparing for, using our intuitive interactive past questions system.


This Artificial Intelligence powered mock exam system will help your children more than any traditional school, textbook, tutorial center or group of tutors (all combined together) can ever accomplish!


The system will Determine your children's level of preparedness for the impeding exam, identify areas of weakness, find the underlying issues and help them focus on such subjects or topics with the best, most appropriate, result-oriented simple approach at mastering the subjects/topics and overcoming the lapses.


And, short of revealing the actual questions that will be in the exam question papers, this system (A.I.) will predict likely questions in all possible variations to your children by using an extensive predictive system on all past questions!


So now, you don't need a wonder center or ORIJO (cheats) for your children's important external exams.

The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-
Incredible Offer & Amazing Deals!

Just because we want to advance a new culture of virtual schooling and intuitive learning, we have subsidized the actual cost and designed flexible payment terms so every home can have a DexS-!

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The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-
Complete With The All-New 29"-32" ScreenBox™ + Free Chair!

Buying The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ complete with The StandAlone ScreenBox means you won't have to worry about buying a reading table, chair, computer and even book shelves) for the children's room anymore!

Outright Purchase Offer


  • Pay only $495 Now
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  • Pay $149 After 30 Days.
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The iSchool® CLOUD DexS-™ Full Specifications & Options


- Exquisite, Sleek 30x18x30 HDF/Metal Desk (+2 Drawers).


- Broadcom BCM2711, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz CPU.


- 2GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM (With 4GB & 8GB Upgrade Options).


- 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac wireless (Wifi & Hotspot).


- Bluetooth 5.0, BLE + Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) + 2 USB 3.0 ports & 2 USB 2.0 Ports.


- Original Miniso 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard & Mouse.


- HV-SK427 3W*2(RMS) 4 Ohms 150 HZ-20KHZ 2 Channel Speakers.


- HiFi Omnidirection Electret Condenser Microphone -58dB±3dB / 2.2KΩ / 30Hz-16000Hz.


- Left & right 360° & 30°Up & Down Rotable High Precision 50.0M Pixels Camera.


- 120° Immersed Visual Sense VR Headset:42mm aspheric lens / 0-600° Focal Length.


- The iSchool® CLOUD™ Virtual School Server 2020 + Complete i-Lessons™ For Pry 1-6.


- The MultiBOOK™ eLibrary Suite + 200 i-Books™ Covering All Major KG 1 - SSS 3 Topics.


- The HomeSchooler™ + Curriculum Adaptation Tools & Interactive Lesson Plans for Early Years.


- The iSchool® CLOUD™ eCampus Suite (College of Education, Polytechnic & University)


- CBT Practice Suite + Access To Past Questions For WAEC, NECO, JAMB, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, Etc.


- Games Arena™ + Access To The Scarabble Championship, Monocity, Spelling / Debate / Quiz Competitions & So Much More.


- Bible Study Suite + Over 100 Interactive Popular CRS Teachings & Stories.


- Modrasat Al-Arabiyat Suite + Over 100 Learning Activities Covering Logat, Tajwid, Nahu, Sarfu, Taoheed, Fiq'hu, Adab, Etc.


- Universal Student Access Card (For 1 Child) To Connect With / Have Access To 50,000+ Classmates, 1,000+ Special i-Class™ Sessions, 100+ Private Tutors and More Than 10 World-Class Schools.


- Platinum Parents Access Cards (For Both Parents) - Each With The Special Bits & 25% School Fees Advantage Account.


*Important Notice: Some of the accessories and features listed above are not part of the basic package!
Please refer to your invoice after placing an order to confirm what's included in your order.


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