The Smart New Way To Do Things At School!

The iSchool CLOUD makes it possible for school owners, administrative officers, teachers, non-academic staff, students and parents to accomplish all major school-related activities from screens of their computers!


Prospective students will fill forms online and the school Admissions Officer will process all applications on-screen. Admission Letters will be sent out to all new intakes while Admission Numbers will be generated automatically. Also, Identity Cards will be generated automatically for all new students.


The school bursar will stipulate all bills and send out to the parents in forms of SMS Alerts and soft email copies. Parents will be able to get such bills by logging into the school portal and they can pay online with their bank ATM cards or submit deposit slips after paying at the bank. The will be able to print out their receipts.


Before a new session begins, the principal, head teacher and other members of the academic planning committee will be able to access a all NERDC-scheduled topics and stipulate week-by-week, subject-by-subject and class- by-class, what will be taught through the academic year.


Instead of writing out lesson notes (by teachers) on the chalkboard for students to copy into their own notebooks, teachers will have access to a wide range of online lesson resources to research, prepare and post better lesson plans and notes for students to access from their personal tablets.


At the gate, teachers sign in and out of the school everyday by swiping their cards or tapping their photos or through biometric actions. Teachers will also take students’ attendance off screens of tablets or laptops. Visitors will come in and out of the school through a computerized process.


For each lesson note prepared by teachers, assignments will be appended so that parents can get such questions directly and accurately in order to help their children work on the assignments. They can solve all such questions on the system and submit the assignments.


Since all schemes of work, topics, notes, lesson objectives and all other academic schedules are available online, parents can actuallyl og on to the school website at any time to carry out evaluations and tests to monitor their children’s progress.


Parents of toddlers (in daycare and creche) will be able to log into the Peep-Into-The-School system through which they can see live videos of how their children are fairing and being treated by caregivers. Also, all parents can receive special alerts about their children’s day-to-day activities and engagements

Virtual Services

You will be able to enrol more children from remote locations who will be able attend classes in real time through their computers and be able to participate in almost all activities of the school. Also, teachers will be able to hold virtual private classes and home lessons for children during evenings, weekends and holidays.

Tests & Exams

When it’s time for tests and exams, students will have their question papers and answer sheets on the screen of the school’s CBT Center or on their personal tablets. They will take the papers online and the multiple choice section will be graded automatically while the essays will be intelligently reviewed by AI.

Results & Transcripts

After exams parents will be able to check results from the school website. Eventually, they can always visit the website to re-check or re-print their report sheets at any time in the future. After graduation, Testimonials, Transcripts and Certificates will be available for download and printing at any point in time (forever).

The MultiBOOK eLibrary

Based on the new NERDC curriculum, we have developed at least, one MultiBOOK for every of every subject in all classes from Primary 1 to SSS 3. A MultiBOOK is an electronic book with lots of interactive multimedia contents. As for early years (KG & Nursery), there are hundreds of special MultiBOOKS for them.

Smart Classroom

We have started test-running the Virtual Classroom Assistant System as a prelude to our original intent of putting humanoid teachers in the classroom by 2030. Ms AI is presently a teaching BOT that helps teachers to accomplish more in the classroom special lesson delivery tools.

Academic Network

As more schools are getting on board The iSchool CLOUD AI & VS Framework across Africa, we have designed an effective, controlled medium for teachers to collaborate across schools and students to interact with one another over lessons, projects, fun and extra- curricular activities.

Accounts & Audits

Without hiring accountants and auditors, you can easily manage school fees (paid and unpaid), expenses, salaries and assets. The salary system is integrated into the lessons and attendance system so that at the end of the month, teachers’ pay slips will be generated automatically.


At a CLICK, the School will be able to communicate seamlessly with all teachers, and parents through an integrated e-messaging (SMS & eMAIL) system. Circulars, Newsletters, Letters, etc will no longer be on paper.

Files & Records

Every student / staff record will be archived in electronic format and at the tap of the screen of any authorized Android tablet, such information will be readily available for processing, analysis or referencing

Meetings & Hangouts

Through this advance online conferencing system, all parents can now attend important parent-teachers meetings no matter where they live or how busy they are. Those who miss such meetings can replay the recorded version and still make contributions.
















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Start authoring interactive, multimedia books based on topics of all major Curricula and sell to students from across Africa.

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