More Than Just A School Management System

In the last one decade, while many other tech companies have been rushing to the market with relatively scanty solutions in forms of school management systems, we have been at work, doing a meticulous work on The iSchool CLOUD AI & VS Framework, aiming to develop a complete, functional and useful computerization framework for African schools.

Over the years, we were driven by the sole objective of providing a robust, scalable and effective all-in-one tech solution to most of the problems and challenges that are hindering the progress of education on the continent.

For example, we have been committed to developing a unique artificial intelligence system that will tackle the issue of teachers’ incompetence in Africa.

Late last year, we started testing this innovative solution, code-named Ms. AI. And presently, it's available in the framework in form of a BOT.

Also, we have perfected the platform that will make it possible for schools to run completely in the cloud!

Below are highlights of the main aspects of The iSchool CLOUD Artificial Intelligence and Virtual School Framework.

Virtual Learning

The iSchool CLOUD Virtual School System can be a distinct alternative mode of learning or a complementary solution to traditional learning with the following set goals:

1. Providing equal learning apportunities for children acrsoss Africa through a virtual learning network that allows any child to attend any school of choice virtually, irrespective of geographical and social barriers

2. Fostering the homeschooling option by empowering parents and guardians with new tools that make it possible for them to educate their children and wards privately, at home. This will allow parents to keep their under-5 children at home all through their early formative years and yet, have quality founational education.

3. Making it possible for schools to enrol thousands of more students from across the continent without any need for additional physical facilities and resouces.

One Laptop Per Teacher

Throuhg a special investment scheme, individuals, corporate organizations, international bodies and government agencies are being encouraged to contribute to a fund that puts personal computers on the desks and laps of teachers through flexible and convinient payment terms.

For example, a teacher that has been vetted and approved for the program will take delivery of a laptop or desktop and pay back directly to the donor over a period of 12 months at 3,000 per month or 6 months at 6,000 per month.

Donors can choose specific teachers to benefit from their interventions and the whole process is transparent.

Certification Program

In conjuction with some Federal Colleges of Education, we have started enrolling teachers into The iSchool CLOUD Teachers Training, Certification & Empowerment Program - a 3 month triple-advantage program that helps teachers to acquire:

1. Core professional teaching skills

2. New, smarter, effective skills for the classroom including the use of AI and VR.

3. New tech tools for them to be more effective at their jobs and some more, for personal development and gratifications

The MultiBOOK Project

The MultiBOOK eLibrary is a revolutionary innovation we conceived a few years back out of a strong desire to upgrade the process of teaching and learning in Africa from our fore-fathers' chalk-to-board and ink-to-paper ways to a more efficient and results oriented digital learning system that will eventually send traditional TEXTBOOKS into extinction.


Well, look at it this way.

Every school year, parents always have to spend between 10,000 naira and 100,000 naira on textbooks that are not more than 20, right?

What if parents can buy one android tablet and have thousands of MultiBOOKs on the device for their child to use throughout his/her school days?

A textbook can only contain limited texts and few static images while a MultiBOOK contains unlimited dynamic texts, interactive functions and lots of pictures, animations, graphs, audio and video clips.

Are you aware of the fact that parts of the content of a normal textbook might even be outdated before the end of a school session?

Meanwhile, the dynamic content of every MultiBOOK is continuously being updated automatically through data aggregation!

For example, if new fossils of prehistoric humans were discovered by scientists at any part of the world yesterday, as your pupil or child opens a MultiBOOK that is related to Human Evolution this morning at school or at home, details of those new discoveries will be in the MultiBOOK already!

Unlike textbooks that might not be revised for years, each MultiBOOK in the eLibrary constantly aggregates and assimilates data from the world wide web so as to always feature latest, up to minute information about related subjects and topics. .

On the other hand, any science textbook that was published 5 years ago will most likely have some facts, theories and hypothesis that are no longer correct.

This might just be the singular reason why MultiBOOKs should replace textbooks. That way, each time a child WANTS TO STUDY HIS/HER BOOKS, he/she will be reading, listening to and viewing the most latest information from across the globe about the subject and topic in question.

There are other key functions of The MultiBOOK eLibrary I'll like to mention.

1.THE EMBEDDED INTERACTIVE DICTIONARY. We all know that pupils often need to understand the meaning of certain difficult words while reading textbooks before they can really understand a paragraph, a whole page or even an entire section. In such situations, they will have to consult their dictionaries. That's not the case with MultiBOOKS. In the MultiBOOK eLIBRARY, there is a built-in comprehensive digital dictionary that readily gives definitions, lots of contextual examples and illustrations for every difficult word on the pages of the MultiBOOK.

While reading any MultiBOOK, a pupil can discuss aspects of the content directly with the author, other teachers, his/her classmates at school and thousands of other users across the globe. This is similar to (but a direct opposite of) the social network because all Facebook-like interactions will be based on contexts of the MultiBOOK.

2.ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The MultiBOOK eLibrary features basic artificial intelligence functions that can help in monitoring and profiling pupils' reading activities and providing suggestions on how such pupils can improve.


The MultiBOOK eLibrary allows all authorized users (like teachers and consultants) to author and publish their own contents in the library.

There are several learning platforms out there like Encarta, but relevance of content is key to the whole essence of a digital library.

By setting your own subjects and topics, contents can be developed based on specific guidelines which you can control.

So, there can never be irrelevant contents in your school's MultiBOOK eLibrary.

Also, the MultiBOOK eLibrary makes it possible for you to organize all your disjointed teaching materials like video tutorials, audio clips, teaching aids, etc, into a more accessible system.


AI Teachers

The Humanoid Teachers will not replace teachers but they will help them to attain a near-perfect level in their lines of duty - no matter their personal and professional inadequacies.

These machine will continuosly mask the teachers’ deficiencies and make their lapses inconsequential in the classroom by equipping them with proactive, automated virtual teaching assistance functions. Imagine if a teacher has a cut-edge artificial intelligence assistance with preparation of lesson plans/notes and if sometimes, the robot can just take charge of the classroom completely, giving the pupils/students exactly what the curriculum dictates.

The Academic Network

This is like a social network, but more like 10% social and 90% academic!

Apart from the possibility of connecting, interacting and sharing information as it is on the social networks, Parents, teachers and students from all schools that have deployed The iSchool CLOUD AI & VS Framework will all be able to engage in several collaborative activities.

Students will be able to participate in the following through The Academic Network:

1. The African Scrabble Championship: A special scrabble league that has all students as players in different class categories. As they play each stipulated match, winners maintain top positions on the league table and at the end of the acadamic year, champions will emerge and have worthy prizes.

2. MonoCity: This is a more graphical and interactive adaptation of the popular Monopoly game. In the virtual BizKids City game, players will be exposed to high-level money matters, politics, governance and socio-cultural phenomena. The will be a List of Richest BizKids in Africa which will motivate every child and propel them to aspire for greatness.

Remote Supervision

Government regulatory and supervisory agencies will be able carry out their oversight functions remotely and more efficiently.






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